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WHEN YOU DON'T SEE ME stayed in the numbers one to five top sellers in gay fiction on for months after its release.

WHEN YOU DON'T SEE ME was the number one fiction bestseller at Insightout Book Club.

WHEN YOU DON'T SEE ME was a bestseller at Atlanta's Outwrite Bookstore and Coffeehouse.

SOMEONE LIKE YOU was a 2007 Lambda Literary Award finalist in the Gay Romance category.

SOMEONE LIKE YOU was in the top ten sellers at Insightout Book Club in 2006 and again in 2007.

SOMEONE LIKE YOU (and Cochrane Lambert's THREE FORTUNES IN ONE COOKIE) were staff picks at Atlanta's Outwrite Bookstore and Coffeehouse.

Timothy Ridge's story "The Vampire Stone" (MIDNIGHT THIRSTS) was nominated for a Gaylactic Spectrum 2005 Best Short Fiction award which honors "the best science fiction, fantasy or horror short fiction work originally released in North America during 2004 with significant positive gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender content."

I'M YOUR MAN was a Lambda Literary Award nominee in the Gay Romance and Gay Fiction categories.

I'M YOUR MAN was listed as a bestseller at Outloud Books, Nashville.

I'M YOUR MAN was listed as a "Great New Release," by Creative Visions, NYC.

I'M YOUR MAN was recently the Number 1 seller at The Open Book,Ltd., Sacramento.

HE'S THE ONE was a Lambda Literary Award nominee in the Gay Romance and Gay Fiction categories.

HE'S THE ONE made the Top Ten Men's Fiction at Philadelphia's Giovanni's Room.

HE'S THE ONE was a top recommendation of West Hollywood's A Different Light Bookstore and Atlanta's Outwrite Bookstore & Coffeehouse.

HE'S THE ONE was honored with making the BookSense 76 list for January/February 2004. BookSense 76 List.

HE'S THE ONE was an editor's pick of Insightout Book Club in 2003.

IT HAD TO BE YOU was a Lambda Literary Award nominee in the Gay Romance and Gay Fiction categories.

IT HAD TO BE YOU was a Top Ten pick at Houston's Crossroads Market and Bookstore in 2002.

WHEN YOU DON'T SEE ME. Books to Watch Out For:
"The fifth novel...tackles a lot of intense topics, yet it's a nimble story, balancing an underachiever's serious coming-of-age angst with flashes of thoughtful insight and moments of wit."

WHEN YOU DON'T SEE ME. Philadelphia Gay News:
"[The novel] takes great pains to establish the rhythms of [main character] Nick's routines.... Nick's told with noticeable elan. Beck makes his central character human, with faults, bad decisions, and morals....[and] provides readers with a nice slice of life..."

WHEN YOU DON'T SEE ME. Boston: The Edge:
"...Nick's story may be...involved...but it's easy enough to follow, and what one expects of a directionally challenged 19-year-old. [T]he author...manages to make him the envy of all of us who wish [we] could turn back the clock, even for just one day."

SOMEONE LIKE YOU. Books to Watch Out For:
"...the setting - the Mall of the Universe - is so darned unique. Like all of Beck�s books - rather seamlessly assembled by a quartet of writers, quite marvelously so - this one is about a quirky circle of friends, gay and straight... Beck�s humor is...broad [and offers] a cocked-eyebrow take on the gay mainstream that is so very refreshing in genre fiction."

SOMEONE LIKE YOU. Video Americain Online:
"Light, fluffy, and totally enjoyable."

SOMEONE LIKE YOU. Jonathan Burgoine, Bookcrossing:
"...has all the strengths of Timothy James Beck in abundance - secondary characters who actually matter, emotional consistent main characters who are not perfection personified (it's so nice to read people with foibles that are forgivable for being who they are), a fun romp through the rough areas of relationships, and the best damned bon-mots available in today's fiction. The interconnected lives of these very different people is a joy to read - on par with the wonderful relationships you get to see in "It Had to Be You," "He's the One," and "I'm Your Man.""

SOMEONE LIKE YOU. Bay Area Reporter:
"A book to get lost in."

SOMEONE LIKE YOU. Elizabeth Conley, Our Bookshelf:
"The story has surprises and unexpected, nifty more ways than one. Characters and plot all come together in a satisfying, old fashioned showdown, making SOMEONE LIKE YOU�s denouement one of the neatest I�ve read in a long time."

I'M YOUR MAN. Jonathan Burgoine, Bookcrossing:
"Timothy James Beck delivered a solid bit of work ... [and] gave me what I really wanted most: characters. Daniel is still Daniel - but an evolving Daniel. Ditto Blaine, and Adam, and Sheila, and all the other host of characters that make up the Beck world."

I'M YOUR MAN. Jak Klinikowski,
"With humor and compassion, I'M YOUR MAN, deals with many issues facing the 21st century gay community. Family relationships, gay families, child rearing, transgender acceptance, public outing, and personal honesty and forgiveness are all tackled with equal sincerity ... the characters have evolved and grown, as have the writing chops of the authors. I'M YOUR MAN maintains the romantic warm tone of its predecessors, but it's definitely a deeper and more involving read. I heartily recommend all of Timothy James Beck's novels, but especially this emotionally fulfilling joyride."

I'M YOUR MAN. Creative Visions, New York:
"A darling gay romance from one of the leading gay writers of romance."

I'M YOUR MAN. Reviewer,
"The best novel yet from Timothy James Beck...touching, funny at times, heartbreaking and rewarding."

I'M YOUR MAN. Betty Conley, The Independent Gay Writer:
"The author is so adept at character development [that] I'M YOUR MAN, far more than a simple reading experience, is a visit with old friends...another grand slam of a novel."

HE'S THE ONE. Publisher's Weekly:
"This sexy, madcap Manhattan romance....has sexy boys, mild comedy, and even a little amateur sleuthing.... [a] pleasantly chatty indulgence from Beck, who seems to have found his calling serving up featherweight fun."

HE'S THE ONE. Texas Triangle:"
Not just as good, but better [than his first novel, Beck walks] the line between serious and funny...with amazing precision.  [Making scenes] both natural and believable is a difficult trick that Beck pulls off.  Funny and touching, with wonderful characters both new and old, HE'S THE ONE stands fully on its own merit, as well as acts as the perfect sequel to IT HAD TO BE YOU."

IT HAD TO BE YOU. Lambda Book Report, October 2001
"An easily accessible, feel-good read...boy-gets-boy ending, in the sunny-spirit of Doris [Day]..."

IT HAD TO BE YOU. Publisher's Weekly, October 8, 2001
"A humorously appealing tale...crisply charming...action (romantic or otherwise) absorbing enough to keep the pages turning."

IT HAD TO BE YOU. Booklist, September 15, 2001
"What might have been only a breezy, campy jape becomes meditative as Daniel...seeks new levels of friendship, self-awareness, and trust."

IT HAD TO BE YOU. Regina Marler,, September 22, 2001
"...detailed, realistic, and continually interesting...Beck shows great promise..."

IT HAD TO BE YOU. Texas Triangle, March 1, 2002
"...paints a wonderful portrait of a gay community that's as crazy, happy, caring, bitchy, and dysfunctional as any...while much of this book is laugh-out-loud funny, there are plenty of serious moments as well...  Dry, witty, touching and loads of fun... manages to expertly straddle the fence between serious and hilarious..."

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